Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas

Book Description:
After spending three London seasons searching for a husband, Daisy Bowman's father has told her in no uncertain terms that she must find a husband. Now. And if Daisy can't snare an appropriate suitor, she will marry the man he chooses—the ruthless and aloof Matthew Swift.

Daisy is horrified. A Bowman never admits defeat, and she decides to do whatever it takes to marry someone . . . anyone . . . other than Matthew. But she doesn't count on Matthew's unexpected charm . . . or the blazing sensuality that soon flares beyond both their control. And Daisy discovers that the man she has always hated just might turn out to be the man of her dreams.

But right at the moment of sweet surrender, a scandalous secret is uncovered . . . one that could destroy both Matthew and a love more passionate and irresistible than Daisy's wildest fantasies.

I think this was my 2nd favorite of the Wallflower Series, my favorite was the prequel, Again the Magic, but this one was my favorite of the four original books. I didn't expect it to be, Daisy was always the immature one, the one that I didn't really care about in the other books, and I have to really give Lisa Kleypas a hand - she did a great job with this romance! I was under the impression that Daisy was going to wind up with Cam Rohan (from Devil in Winter) and I'm so happy she wound up with Matthew Swift instead! Daisy started out as being described as a head in the clouds, flighty type of heroine. But, over the course of the book we see her mature and transform into a young woman who knows what she wants, and stands strong and by her man! Her life becomes passionate and enthralling, she no longer is in need of her books for excitement.

I really enjoyed seeing how they meet again after many years, and he winds up being this handsome, smart, dependable but oh so attractive American! I love these kind of stories! Of course she despises him at first, but sex appeal takes over and it was really fun to read all about their unorthodox courtship, fun and sexy, a real page turner! I read it in less than a day! Plus, this book had the usual other Wallflowers and their husbands in it too, all taking place in Hampshire at Lord Westcliff's manor. The one fly in the ointment is, I must admit, Daisy's sister, Lillian. She now really gets on my nerves. I liked her a lot in her own story, It Happened One Autumn, but in the rest of the books she is just annoying to me and such a bitch! But, her husband Marcus is still my favorite, with Matthew Swift coming in a close 2nd. There was something about Matthew that I really loved in this book! I found him very appealing, maybe because he came across as more normal than many of the other heroes in this series. Plus, all throughout the story I was dying to find out what his big secret was! And could he have picked out a more appropriate and adorable ring for her? I loved it!

Without giving away any spoilers, I'll just say, this was a heartfelt story from beginning to end. I'm glad to see Daisy found true love with a commoner and an American and that their life will now be happy and settled. No more running away, no more dark secrets. She'll be with her friends, and I found the last page touching, a great finale to this quartet of books! One of my favorite romance series that I've read to date! I highly recommend all of them, Lisa Kleypas consistently writes excellent romances!


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