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The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

Book Description:
For eons Adam Black has aided humanity and meddled in its affairs, much to the chagrin of the queen of the Seelie Court. He has finally pushed her too far and finds himself, a once powerful Fae, invisible and very human. But he is still as resourceful as ever, and finds a way to reach the queen and plea to have his curse lifted with the help of a young lawyer, Gabrielle O'Callaghan, a human born with the ability to see his kind. As old enemies yearn to take advantage of his weakened state, threatening his life and all existence, Adam discovers that Gabrielle threatens a heart he never thought he had.

This is the 6th in the Highlander saga of books by Moning, and this one revolves around the fae Adam Black that has popped up from time to time in some of the previous books. Adam is over the top. He oozes sex appeal and appears irresistible to any woman within sight. Six and half feet tall, long black hair, golden skin, perfect body with a penchant for leather pants and an eternal hard on. Could he get any better? Unfortunately, he's not human, although when Gabrielle runs into him, he appears to be so, due to a curse that the queen of the faes had put on him. Plus, he's invisible to everyone except Gabrielle, who was born with the capability of seeing faes, (though it's a family secret). If the truth is ever revealed to the fae world she could be hunted down and captured forever.

Does this sound like a typical highlander romance to you? No? It didn't to me either. It had way too many "paranormal" overtones to it for my liking. I like the real thing. A brawny, alpha male who wears a kilt and calls his woman "mine." Although Adam would probably - no, almost certainly - win the "Sexiest Man Alive" poll by People magazine he doesn't have a soul, and I just thought he was too perfect. I got a little tired of all the descriptions of how gorgeous he was and how irresistible he was and how he just exuded manliness and sex appeal with a contant sly smile and smoldering look in his eyes as if he can't wait to tear your clothes off. His constant thoughts of wanting to bed Gabby and all the things he'd do to her there - well, it got kind of old. I like sex just like anyone else - but, this was just over the top and - a whole book like this? Well, I never thought I'd say it, but it was kind of dull.

Gabby, as a heroine wasn't bad, but as usual, she is a virgin who refuses to give into Adam, even though he's making it more and more hard for her to resist him. How many times did we have to hear about the huge bulge in his pants that would never go away? Although the book was entertaining at times, Adam was never a character that I liked all that much in the previous books. He's a devilish rogue fae who's always up to no good. It was hard for me to like him in this book, despite the good deeds that come out that he was responsible for. I think this might have been my least favorite of all the books due to this. Plus, it didn't help that it was the same formulaic ending. Girl meets gorgeous highlander, has awesome sex with him, but must lose him in some way (either he's believed dead or lost in another time) and she must return to her hum drum life in Cincinatti (or wherever she lived previously in the States) and then lo and behold he turns up and surprises her and they have hot sex again! Been there, done that.

This was the third book in the series that ended this way. This time, the two heroines from the last two books encourage Gabby to take a giant leap of faith - they did and lived happily ever after - so Gabby can too. Who knows, maybe your immortal sex God will want you once he regains his immortal fae powers - you must believe! At first, we don't think it will work for Gabby, but as in all romances, we do get the happy ending, I just wish it had been a little different and imaginative and not so similar to the other ones. Some parts were exciting, but overall, this book didn't thrill me. I think there was such a big build up to when Adam and Gabby finally have sex, it was almost a let down.

Give me a mortal man in a kilt instead of leather pants and I'm happy. I don't need fairy tales. *grin*


March 3, 2011 - Updated for Audiobook Review

Upon revisiting this story, this time on audiobook with the masterful Phil Gigante narrating, I've updated my rating solely because I love his voice for Adam Black.  He gives him this sexy sort of lilting accent that is irresistible!  I also appreciate this book much more now that I've read the Fever series.  We're introduced to Daroc who we later meet in the Fever Series and it's good background material for what was happening to the Seelie.  I like Gabby a little bit more here, it's understandable how freaked out she'd be by Adam, although I still think the very ending of this book was a bit sappy and sugary for my own tastes, but overall it's much better on audio than in print.



whitelady3 said...

Actually I was looking forward to this book, I really liked Adam's portrait on Beyond the Highland Mist and it seemed interesting to see him falling in love. Now I'm not so certain...

Julie said...

I thought Adam seemed interesting from that book as well, but he becomes rather pesky in other books so that he loses some of his glamour and just becomes annoying. He's really not all that bad, though he's not human *grin*

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that I read the book and I couldnt disagree more with you. Well yes the part of the "oh he is dead *snif snif* and I dont speak to anyone just kill myself with job and then he suddenly is there with you and TCHARAN everything is fine" was kind of.. the same thing over and over.
But taking that part I really LOVED the book, Adam is just like so, so, lovable *-*
You see that people just misunderstood everything he is and did and no one truly understood why he has done such things.

I really loved to read this book and the final was so sweet it made me stay all 'tear thing'. And still I feel so sad for ending here.
There are so many things about Adam I still dont really get, like the fact of his eyes being dark and not usual Fae coloured.

But anyways, I liked the book ^^

But still.. why the hell do they all need to be virgins? And by the way, why do they have to be all blonds? really.. psh.

But still great, indeed it was my fave *-*

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Anonymous, I didn't dislike the book, bu I'm not a big paranormal fan, so that was also a main reason why I wasn't into Adam, fae's just don't do it for me! To each his own!

Anonymous said...

NO,I understood that ^^''
and even if you didnt like, we're all different so its kind of impossible to everyone like the same things than you.
Indeed I liked to read your opinion even if in most of the points it was different from mine ^-^
im sorry if I didnt explain myself well ^^''

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Don't worry, no problem, it's more interesting too with differing opinions, otherwise the world would be very dull indeed! :)

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