Sunday, July 26, 2009

Only with a Highlander by Janet Chapman

Book Description:
She must choose between her destiny...and her desire.

As soon as Pine Creek's new mystery man steps into her art gallery, Winter MacKeage is intrigued. This sexy stranger, Matt Gregor, wants her to do some drawings of his dream house. And with his tiger-gold eyes and masculine charm, he's impossible to resist. But so is Winter's Scottish heritage. As the seventh MacKeage daughter, she must embrace her true magical calling...and deny her mortal desires. Soon Winter is heating up--in Matt's strong arms--and her fiery heart is torn. Can she give up the destiny she was born to fulfill for the only man she's ever truly loved?

Book five and 2nd to last of the Pine Creek Series, this is Winter MacKeage's tale. Unaware that she has a mystical calling as a druidh to save the world one day, she meets a handsome stranger, Matt Gregor, who wastes no time in wining and dining her - leading to her ultimately falling for him. Not a bad story, but not the best of this series either, but I enjoy reading about the MacKeage's and the time traveling highlanders in Maine.

Winter in the daughter of Greylen and Grace MacKeage, who are now in their 60's and 70's. It's been 35 years since the first book about them in the series, although there is not much to indicate things have changed in the backwoods of Maine to indicate it's the future, except for fast flying private jets that can surpass the speed of sound at Mach 1 (or something like that, to be honest, I was a bit lost in the technicality of it all-let's just say private jets can fly really fast now!)

Winter is an artist and owns a gallery in the town of Pine Creek where she lives with her family. In walks tall, dark and handsome Matt Gregor one day and - did I mention he was rich? - buys up a few of her paintings. He's used to getting what he wants. His next acquisition in mind? Winter MacKeage. She's instantly attracted to him too, but a bit wary of starting things up with this handsome stranger. Still, they begin to have a few dates and she gets to know him and before long she's fallen in love with him. Why, all of sudden, we don't know, but she does. It's a big vague, but you're supposed to assume it just by being with him a lot and he's a great kisser and all that. But, Winter is a virgin and Matt knows this, so he doesn't rush her or anything. He's very understanding in that regard - although Winter is beginning to feel it's time for her to give it up. I don't blame her. He has long dark hair, tall, virile, rich, independent, commanding - why, he sounds a bit like a medieval Scottish highlander - doesn't he?

Still, there is the sticky problem that Winter is fated to be Father Daar's (the cranky old priest from the other books who is really a 1000 year old Druidh) heir and is needed to save the continuum and the world from destruction from a renegade druidh from 800 years ago that is causing all sorts of trouble. She cannot get into a relationship with anyone - and definitely cannot have a baby! - or she will lose her powers. It's complicated and this is the main plot of the book, and there is a big surprise about who Matt really is - and his brother - which I won't spoil, but all in all it was a good story but convoluted - especially towards the end and the big wind up which I found to be somewhat of a cop out - but hey, it's time travel, it's fantasy - anything goes - right?

A couple of steamy moments between Winter and Matt - one in particular in the bathroom *fans self* They do like to get it on everywhere - the bathroom, a cave, a hot tub - finally towards the end they make it to a bed! Phew!

A good story, with lots of familiar characters from the other books, especially the now older Greylen and Grace, a must read for this series, though not my favorite.



The_Book_Queen said...

Nice review, Julie! ;) This one's in my TBR right now, along with (almost) all of the rest of the series. I'm glad I found Chapman's novels, I've really enjoyed them-- light, fun, and sexy, yum! :D


Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Yes, I really like Chapman, after I finish this series, I'm looking forward to reading her other ones that take place in Maine too!

Amy C said...

I really like her books. Like The Book Queen said, light fun an sexy. Just an all around good read for me :).

I still have her regular contemps to read too.

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Amy, yeah I want to read the regular ones, I have The Man Must Marry in my TBR pile after I finish the last of the Pine Creek Series. It makes me want to go to Maine again!

Joanne said...

Hi, Julie -- When you have a minute, will you please come over to my blog? I have something for you. ;)

joanne @ slice of life

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

LOL! Thank you Joanne! (I thought you meant you thought I'd be interested in your Nora Roberts giveaway!)

Joanne said...

Funny - I didn't even think about that! Anybody who has stuck with me from the beginning deserves the Humane award at the very least -- the purple heart wasn't available!

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