Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Scotland, With Love by Karen Hawkins

Book Description:
In this saucy battle of the sexes, bestseller Karen Hawkins pits a hard-headed Scottish lord with an unusual family curse against a headstrong heiress who has a solution for every problem...except her own wayward heart.

When Lord Gregor MacLean learns his childhood friend, Venetia Oglivie, has been abducted by a fortune hunter, he rides off to Scotland in hot - and very annoyed - pursuit. Venetia's soft heart has gotten her in major trouble this time: if he doesn't rescue her swiftly, the scandal will ostracize the provocative wench! 

The only sensible member of her family, Venetia is sure she can fix any problem, even this one. So when an irate Gregor catches up with her, arrogantly expecting a hero's welcome, the sparks between them begin to fly. Then an unexpected snowstorm traps them at an inn, and Gregor discovers his feelings for the lovely Venetia are far warmer than he realized - fiery enough to burn down the inn! Now if he can only convince Venetia that his motive for marriage isn't duty... but desire.

Quickie Review:
Continuing on with the 2nd book in the MacLean Curse series, this was a cute story of a series of mishaps that occur when the headstrong Venetia Ogilvie is nearly ruined when she embarks on a journey with a hapless suitor who she thinks is taking her to her grandmother's house in Scotland.  Instead, he has tricked her and intends to elope with her to Gretna Green.  Nearly bankrupt, he's after her money, and he also seems to think she'll enjoy traveling to Italy after the wedding where he can write his book and she can do laundry!  Hah!  I laughed aloud at this one!  Fortunately, her best friend, Gregor MacLean will have none of it!  Cursed with the ability to create massive snowstorms when he loses his temper, he unleashes a whopper in April and chases the couple on horseback to Scotland.  Once he catches up with them at a roadside inn, he poses as their guardian, explaining to the other guests that they are brother and sister, in order to avoid a scandal and the ruination of Venetia.  He is furious with Venetia for being so gullible as to run off in the first place and thus the two of them are barely on speaking terms the entire time at the inn.  It doesn't help that they are all snowbound (thanks to Gregor's temper tantrum) and he is now acting all possessive and domineering, convinced she should marry him to avoid scandal.  Without much ceremony he tells her that they should get married.  Mad that his abrupt proposal is so unromantic, she refuses him and then succeeds in getting jealous when the other female guests make a play for him!  For most of the time, these two just can't seem to see what's right in front of them!  It's so obvious they've been in love with each other for years, yet neither one of them has even considered the idea!  It drove me nuts that it took Venetia and Gregor so long to figure this out! She's over thirty and he's nearly 40? What took them so long???

Still, besides this, there were many amusing moments involving the other guests at the inn.  Venetia, for a woman who's nearly 30 years old, came across as much too naive and ingenue like.  She enjoys helping others and manages to make a mess of things because she's not exactly very good at judging people's characters.  Sort of like an Emma complex.  Gregor was the usual, handsome Scot, forever elegant and self assured.  I enjoyed the way he put everyone in their place, particularly Venetia's wannabe bridegroom who was probably the funniest part of the whole book.  Still, why did he wait so long to realize he and Venetia were meant for one another?  Lightning struck when he realized she could have been roped into marrying someone else!  But even after he nips it in the bud and foils the attempted elopement he still doesn't realize the truth staring him in the face!  Same thing with her - or else she was just too afraid to admit her real feelings.  Despite a few passionate kisses, they were both forever under the impression they were better off friends!  A convenient excuse to avoid going out on a limb and saying "I love you."  What a relief by the time they finally do come to their senses!

Overall, a nice bit of fluff, but nothing very memorable, still I will continue with the series to see what's in store for the rest of Gregor's brothers.


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