Friday, March 9, 2012

A Matter of Scandal by Suzanne Enoch

Book Description:
Miss Emma Grenville, who is no silly debutante, has had her fill of thick-headed noblemen who believe women exist solely to satisfy men. And her arrogant new landlord, the Duke of Wycliffe, is the worst of the lot! The too attractive cad wants to triple the rent on Emma's finishing school for young ladies to help get his uncle's estate out of debt. Well, Greydon Brakenridge clearly needs educating — about women. And Emma's just the one to enlighten him!

The sinfully handsome duke has never met a woman he couldn't outwit and seduce. And now that he's tricked Emma into a wager, he has the stubborn headmistress right where her wants her — and hopefully, soon in his bed. But the confirmed bachelor underestimates the intelligent and surprisingly sensual Miss Grenville. For she may be leading Greydon to a place neither dreamed they'd ever go — to the altar.

Quickie Review: 
At last we get to read the third and final in Enoch's With This Ring Series!  This is the story of Emma Grenville, the young headmistress of a girl's finishing school who tangles with Greydon Brakenridge, the Duke of Wycliffe who can't resist her condescending ways towards him.  We've gotten to know Emma slightly in the previous books and her happily ever ending was just delicious!  While visiting his uncle in the country who is having money problems, Greydon helps his uncle by having him raise his tenant's rents.  The finishing school happens to be one of the aforesaid tenants.  Well, you can imagine what happens!

Emma is furious with Greydon when she finds out he's behind her rent increase.  The two experience that well known romance novel syndrome of "instant dislike which turns into instant lust."  Yet, it works! In order to avoid the increase, Emma wagers the increase that he cannot teach her girls the ways of London and the necessary etiquette and ballroom behavior to help catch a husband.  Their wager has unforeseen consequences.  Throwing them together more and more, Greydon pursues her against his own good sense, which leads to all sorts of clandestine activities that makes them the subject of a major scandal that puts Emma's job at risk, as well as the closing of her school.  How can this confirmed bachelor clear her name and the girls that attend her school?  Can't you guess?  I liked this bit of fluff.  Emma is a good match for Greydon who needs some excitement in his life and interaction with a headmistress of girl's finishing school is just the thing!  She can hold her own to anything he throws at her.  A fun romp, plus I love the old world romance cover too (and she really is in her nightgown in the book!)  A fun regency romance by one of my favorite "new to me" authors!


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