Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meet Me At Midnight by Suzanne Enoch

Book Description:
Victoria Fontaine's mischievous nature and brilliant, biting wit have scandalized the ton . . . and earned her the nickname "Vixen." But her reputation pales before the infamous Lord Althorpe's, known as "Lord Sin." The years Sinclair Grafton spent on the Continent have done nothing to quell the rumors about his past. And when the stunning Vixen and the handsome rogue find themselves momentarily alone at an elegant gala, their passion gets the best of them.  Caught by Victoria's father in a shockingly sensual kiss, Sin and Vixen have no recourse except a wedding. At first the very liberal lady relishes the thought of an unfettered marriage to an indifferent, unrepentant scoundrel. But she suspects there is more to this enigmatic, remarkable man, that his rakish persona is merely a pose. And after one unforgettable night of ecstasy, Lady Vixen is determined to unmask the true Sin . . . to satisfy a passionate heart that craves far more than freedom.

Quickie Review:
Fun story of Vixen Fontaine, the belle of London known for her hoydenish ways and flirting. She ends up in a scandalous clinch with Lord Althorpe, a known rake, newly returned to town from abroad. Of course they must marry, but little does she know he's been a spy for the past five years fighting Bonaparte and is now home to find out who murdered his brother.

Sin didn't expect to lose his self control over Vixen, but one look at her from across a ballroom had him asking for a dance, then a walk in the garden and some heavy petting amidst the shrubbery.  Vixen, so caught up in his appeal and masculinity, blah, blah, blah, couldn't stop herself from going along with him, and before she knows it, her father is yelling in outrage and she's engaged to be married - to Sin.  How did the clever Vixen get herself in such a fix?  Good question.   As the new Lady Althorpe she soon figures out that Sin is not all that he seems to be and she wants to help him find his brother's murderer.  Almost certain it's one of her former suitors, he's chasing after them while she's got a sneaking suspicion it's someone else entirely.  The two can't agree on this issue until it's almost too late.

This was a good story and I loved Vixen, who has smarts, looks, personality, gumption - and a great name. She is the perfect foil for her arrogant, aristocratic and autocratic husband. I also enjoyed seeing characters from the previous book in the series, Lucien Balfour and his wife, Alexandra.  Sin and Lucien going head to head was quite enjoyable!  

Overall, not the most memorable regency I've read, but it was entertaining and frothy.  A diverting winner!


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