Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweet Magik by Penny Watson

Book Description:
Oskar Klaus' job is killing him. Not even his favorite hobbies (extreme snowboarding and browsing old bookstores) are enough to snap him out of his funk. It's not easy living in the shadow of four successful older brothers and a father named Santa. Little does he know that a kiss on New Year's Eve is about to turn his life upside-down.

Kiana Grant's Manhattan life is a world away from her childhood in Oahu. She traded sunsets and surfing for a respectable career in library science, but Oskar Klaus is a temptation that's hard to resist. Before she knows it, she's in the midst of an outrageous adventure in the North Pole, dealing with mischievous elves, wicked demons, and a devastating attraction to Santa's youngest son.

There's just one problem...a bitter elf hell-bent on revenge threatens the future of everyone in the North Pole, even Santa himself...

Book Two of the Klaus Brother's Series that takes place in Glasdorf aka The North Pole.  This is a heartwarming holiday romance that pairs charming bad boy, green haired, snow boarding Oskar Klaus, the youngest of the Klaus boys, with the unlikely Kiana Grant, a staid librarian he meets at his brother's New Year's Eve party in Manhattan.

Oskar's having some job issues these days.  He feels like he's gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to his occupation.  His older brothers all seem to have really cool jobs supporting the family industry known as Santa Klaus - their father.  Oskar's job?  He's in charge of keeping Santa's elves in line.  Elves. They're an irascible lot, prone to overindulging in alcohol and magical pranks (winters are long at the North Pole). Somebody's got to make sure they get all their orders completed in time for Christmas Eve and Oskar has the honor of being in charge of all elves related matters in Glasdorf.  It's been an exhausting month getting the Christmas orders in and by the time Oskar makes it to his brother's party on New Year's Eve, he's ready for a break.  Sick and tired of his lacklustre job, he's going through a quasi mid-life crisis - even though he's way too young for one.   Vapid supermodels just don't seem to appeal to him any longer.  His yearning for something - but doesn't know what.  He's ready for something different, something... gray and wearing glasses.  Something that looks like a librarian?

As we soon learn appearances aren't always what they seem.  Oskar spies Kiana Grant, who is dressed to "repel" at his brother's party.  She's disguised as a frumpy wallflower - and likes it that way - or so she thinks.  Denial, baby.  Coming off a hard break up with a two timing boyfriend in her native Hawaii, Kiana  has relocated to New York City to live with her best friend Trish.  They just happen to live in the same building as Oskar's brother.  Oskar's instant curiosity with Kiana leads to a magikal kiss at the stroke of midnight that catches them both off guard.  Could this be that elusive thing called love - or is it all from a magikal spell cast by a disgruntled (and drunken) elf in Glasdorf?

Watson brings the world of Glasdorf to life as the story shifts to the North Pole where Oskar must find out who is wreaking havoc amidst the elven world.   A dark and evil magical force has been unleashed and, with Oskar in the lead, he and his brothers - as well as some helpful and (repentent) elves set out to capture the bad guy.  Little does Oskar know there's a stowaway on his high speed sleigh back to the North Pole.   Kiana has hitched a ride and Oskar has a lot of explaining to do!  As much as he's glad to have Kiana nearby, he also worries she may be in danger.  Although that doesn't stop them from getting to know each other better, involving a pretty steamy shower scene.  Hot. Kiana takes the whole Santa, North Pole phenomenon pretty well, considering how off the wall it is. I would too if I had an Oskar Klaus on my arm.   Having had almost no family to speak of in her childhood, she takes to the Klaus clan wholeheartedly - and the feeling is mutual.   All seems to be going great between them, until they find out their love for one another might be nothing more than a love spell - that will soon wear off!  Huh? Uh-oh.

I won't go over the entire plot line, but this is a fun story with plenty of action, adventure and a cute little waif in need of a mother and father.  Did I mention there are some wicked love scenes too? The characterizations are right on target with depth and background, giving weight to the tender and bittersweet moments that crop up in the storyline.  It was a pleasure to read about how both Kiana and Oskar surprisingly evolve to find they are truly made for one another, reinforcing the "don't judge a book by its cover" theme*. This romance has everything!  If you enjoy contemporary holiday themed romances with bits of whimsical fantasy and magical elements thrown in - this is the book for you! I recommend it!


*Speaking of covers - this one is great! I simply love it and it fits with the story perfectly!

**This book was given to me by the author for review - thanks Penny!


Penelope said...

Julie, Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Thank you Penny! It was a pleasure re-connecting with those Klaus men again! :)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

The cover is perfect, the story is a rocking good ride - just all around good, sexy, sweet holiday fun!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Julia - I so agree! The cover is exactly how I picture Oskar, even down to the tatoo on his arm - plus I love the font! LOL!

Anne said...

I have never seen this book before, it sounds like a great holiday read. Thanks for the review, I am adding it to my TBR list!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Anne, it really is a fun read, there's a previous book on Oskar's older brother too, which is great, Sweet Inspiration. It the first in the series that sets the whole world of Glasdorf with the Klaus family.

The_Book_Queen said...

Great review! I really need this read this series--I'm hearing a lot of good things about Sweet Magick!

I remember when book one came out, I didn't pick it up ("Bad TBQ!") because the cover didn't grab my attention and since I had not heard about the wonderful and unique storyline conttained within it, well, I didn't think to turn it over and see if it would be my kind of book. I deeply regret that now, and when I see either one in the store again, I'm grabbing 'em!


Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

TBQ, I don't think Sweet Inspiration is available in print, but it's available with kindle at Amazon. Sweet Magik is available in print though! Hope you're able to read them!

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