Sunday, October 16, 2011

After the Abduction by Sabrina Jeffries

Book Description:
What Happens When A Proper Young Lady Gives In To A Reckless Love?

After two London Seasons - and a score of resoundingly dull society suitors - lovely Juliet Laverick still longs for only one man: Morgan Pryce, the dashing scoundrel who kidnapped her two years ago. But her determination to bring him to justice hasn't waned, either - not even when the man she mistakes for Morgan, his twin brother Sebastian, tells her some shocking news: Her mysterious paramour has disappeared.

Sebastian, Lord Templemore, dares not admit that he's the one Juliet seeks - that it is his kiss she still yearns for.  Confessing to her abduction would bring disaster and scandal upon them both.  But how can he convince Juliet to forsake her pursuit of her dream lover - when all he dreams of is holding her in his arms again?

This is the third in the Swanlea Spinsters series and I really loved it!  It's Juliet's story which I didn't expect to get into, so it was a great surprise that I did! Sexy and sweet with a great plot, Juliet Laverick still carries a torch two years later for her gentleman abductor, Morgan Pryce (from the last book) after she said good-bye to him and his searing kiss.  Now, rumors are flying amidst the ton that Juliet had been abducted and her reputation is about to be ruined.  She and her sister, Rosalind and brother in law, Griff, visit Morgan's family estate to seek help in squelching the rumors.   Expecting to meet Morgan's relative, Lord Templemore, Juliet is astounded when she comes face to face with Morgan himself!  Only it's not Morgan... or is it?  It's Morgan's twin brother, Sebastian - who is Lord Templemore!  Or so he says.  Juliet doesn't buy any of it.  She knows he's the same man that kidnapped her, no matter who or what he's calling himself.  She'd recognize the man she fell in love with two years ago anywhere, no matter what he says!

And so we follow the long and complicated story of Juliet and Sebastian.  With all the mistaken identities and hidden agendas and secrets it made my head hurt just trying to figure it all out, but it was so fun and I had to keep reading to see how it all got resolved!  It turns out it was really Sebastian who abducted Juliet.  Only, he had to pose as his long lost twin brother Morgan in order to save him from cutthroat smugglers.  Sebastian had to abduct Juliet, but he never intended to hurt her - or fall for her.  It turns out Sebastian is wealthy as all get out and designs and manufactures pistols.  He's a loner at this estate, working on his guns - trying to keep a low profile and Juliet out of his thoughts.  She's better off not knowing the truth of what really happened two years ago.  

Unfortunately, now that word has gotten out that she was compromised he has to help her save her reputation.  Seeing her again brings back all the old feelings and he decides he'll get her to fall in love with him - as himself!  As Sebastian!  But how?  Juliet is convinced he's lying and she keeps trying to set traps for him to trip him up.  Plus, if he really wants to marry her and love her and have an honest marriage, he's going to have to tell her the truth eventually, and her family is going to have to know the truth too.  But, his brother is complicating things!

So, what do they do?

This was a delightful read as Juliet and Sebastian circle around one another. Each trying to seduce the other, they play a game of one up man ship.  Eventually their passion wins out, but at what price?   I won't go into the whole long convoluted story, but they are stymied: she wants to tell her family the truth about Sebastian and he won't let her because it will jeopardize his brother's life.  Plus, Juliet's big brother-in-law is getting more and more furious with Sebastian because he beginning to think he has designs on his wife, Rosalind!  Oh my, how the fur flies!

That's all I'm saying, it's complicated, there's a lot to this story I'm leaving out - but it's so good!  I really enjoyed it and read it in almost one day!  There is humor and passion all throughout. Juliet is a winsome heroine who can be as tenacious as a terrier!  It's so much fun to see the way Sebastian must deal with her!  She is relentless!  Yet, even though she finally gets Sebastian to admit the truth to her, it doesn't solve everything between them and I liked the way their dilemma was handled and resolved with the big finale at the end.  Another thing I liked about this book?  The ending.  It was satisfying without the usual heroine in grave danger rescue bit.  I get so tired of that scenario!  After the Abduction is the best yet of the Swanlea Spinsters series, a real winner! I highly recommend it!



Lover of Romance said...

Great Review!!! I have just loved reading this series, one of my favorites to read and After The Abduction is such a fav of mine. Glad you enjoyed it!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Lover, glad to know you liked it too! I enjoyed the others previous books, but this one, but I just really loved the way it all played out and I sympathized with Sebastian and his predicament, but he was kind of dense until the end. Men!

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