Thursday, July 22, 2010

Indiscreet by Carolyn Jewel

Book Description:
Marrying for love can be a challenge. . .

Edward, Marquess of Foye, would have been happy to continue his life as an unmarried gentleman rake. His brother's death changed everything. As the last of his line, Edward must now marry. Heart already broken by a capricious young girl, he vows to find an older woman-seasoned, mature. . .and no threat to his feelings.

 Falling in love can be dangerous. . .

 Sabine Godard was educated by an Oxford don beyond what was proper. Her studies became her salvation after her past left her unwilling to accept the touch of any man. Though she never intended to fall in love, when she and Edward meet, passion defies logic. Together they explore temptation and sensuality, healing old wounds. . .until events require them to risk everything for their love.

Quick review since I'm backed up with books, but I'll try to get some reviews in, albeit short ones.  

Where do I start with Indiscreet?  I loved it!  Carolyn Jewel is now one of my favorite romance authors.  Her plots are intricate and not your average run of the mill plotlines.  Her heroes are to die for, I've loved every one of them and her heroines are strong, resilient and clever women who have a problem in some way or another, but they learn how to deal with it.  Each book of hers I've read has been a little gem.

Indiscreet starts out with a provoking beginning, the reader learns that a particular regency rake and man about town has "deflowered" a young and beautiful innocent, Sabine Godard.  He blithely announces it to his friends one evening, one of whom is disgusted to hear it and leaves the table.  It is assumed word will get out in London about the girl, and she will be ruined.

Time goes by and the setting is in another country, far, far away from London.  Edward, Marquess of Foye, who was the same man at the table that left disgusted in London, is meeting the ill fated Sabine for the first time with her uncle, who is an aging Oxford professor.  They are touring Turkey and Sabine, who is extremely intelligent and worldly for her young age is helping her uncle write a book.  Captivatingly beautiful she doesn't look or act the part of a ruined young woman.  She's confident and self assured.  Edward is instantly smitten by her and their friendship and relationship begins.  We learn that she had not been deflowered afterall, it was all an outrageous lie.  Edward is already aware of it, for it turns out that he was duped as well.  It's complicated.

Sabine and Edward grow closer yet she is dedicated to her uncle and cannot leave him for Edward.  The novel becomes full of suspense for as their desire and love for one another increases, Sabine must leave Edward in Constantinople and travel with her uncle to visit the palace of a nazim who has designs on her.  Edward can do nothing to stop her leaving, though he follows her and the romance picks up and I couldn't put it down.  A daring rescue ensues, Edward must save Sabine by having her masquerade as a boy and it's one thrilling page after another. I was on the edge of my seat to see what happened next! 

This is a great story that goes from London to Turkey and then back to London again.  Your heart will soar and plummet and soar again reading this page turner!  Not only was it spine-tingling and suspenseful, the hero and heroine had loads of chemistry and their loves scenes hit the spot.  I highly recommend it!  The locales were evocative and well described and the historical research top notch and well written.  Overall a great and memorable romance!

My only gripe is the covers of Ms. Jewel's books have almost no relation to the actual storyline!  They're these provocative and sensual covers that look like they're designed to sell books, rather than depict the story inside.  Still, a minor matter, but I had to mention it for I really don't care for the covers, alas.



Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

fantastic review!! i've been curious about her books, I think i'll have to add this one to my to read list!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

You should give her a try, they're all good, I highly recommend her! They're a cut above the usual.

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