Saturday, October 24, 2009

Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning

Book Description:

Aspiring romance novelist Jane Sillee was completely in love with her fantasy man--the hot and strapping dark-haired Highlander who'd been coming to her in her dreams for years and inspired her sensual flights of literary fantasy.

But it was more than her imagination that conjured up the brilliantly woven tapestry sporting the spitting image of her magnificently arrogant warrior. It was more than a dream that transported her to medieval Scotland to break an evil spell. And it was more than she could handle when she found herself wrapped in the muscular arms of Aedan MacKinnon, who had his own fantasies to fulfill...


I'm a little sad, I've read all of KMM's books now! No more!

Still, I really enjoyed this short novella that was sort of a bridge between her Highlander and Fever series. It had some lore on the Unseelie King and the Seelie Queen that assuaged by thirst for anything 'Feverish' and yet, it was a highlander romance at heart - with lots of romance and fun to boot.

Jane Silley (Seelie? Get it?) is a young aspiring romance author who has a hankering for highlander romances. She gets sent back in time to the 1400's in order to save a doomed highland laird from the Unseelie King. The highlander has forgotten what he was since he has been imprisoned in Faerie for 500 years doing the bidding of the Unseelie King. Now instead of Aedan MacKinnon, he knows his name as Vengeance.

Jane has a month to bring him back to who he really is. As it turns out they have been dreaming of one another all her life - romantic magical sexy dreams of the two of them together making love and being happy - and she wants that to happen for real! When they first meet he is cold and icy and wants nothing to do with her, but she works on him, thaws him out and it was so fun to read about how she does it - she's a clever girl!

I really loved this story and it was a very, very pleasant - and hot - quick read!

Highly recommend it, it's like the cherry on top of her Highlander Series!


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