Saturday, May 10, 2008

Loving the Highlander by Janet Chapman

From Book Description:
A tempestuous passion begins with a battle of wills...

When Sadie Quill comes upon an unbelievably gorgeous man lying naked beside a lake, she can't resist taking his photo -- and is quickly trapped in a passionate confrontation with the fierce stranger. Discovering the identity of this irresistible warrior will complicate Sadie's search for a legendary gold mine. For he is Morgan MacKeage, a medieval highlander in modern-day Maine, a man with the fury of the untamed wilderness pounding in his veins -- and the power to unlock Sadie's fragile heart.

This is the 2nd in the Highlander Series by this author. The premise is a group of Highlanders from the 13th century are accidentally brought forward in time to present time. They amazingly learn to adapt, sell their ancient swords and jewels and buy a huge tract of land on a mountain in the backwoods of Maine. All the books center on a different one, or the son or daughter of one. The last book, Charming the Highlander was pretty good about the leader (laird) of the clan and how he meets his modern wife, and kind of touching. This one was about the laird's brother, Morgan, and how he meets his match, Sadie.

The beginning of the book was kind of funny, especially how Sadie and Morgan meet. He has the body of a god and she sees him swimming nude and takes a picture of him in the woods while he's sleeping. He hears her and chases after her (nude) and scares her to death. Then they meet again on a blind date and it's pretty funny.

Sadie is carrying around a heavy burden on her shoulders. She is terribly scarred on parts of her body from burns that occured eight years previously from a fire that killed her sister, and ultimately her father. She's shy with men, and obviously does not want to show her scars to anyone. Morgan, highly attracted to her (all 6 feet 1 inches of her!) could care less about her scars but he realizes she has to overcome them and be willing to show them to him when she's ready.

There's a whole sideline in which she's looking for this lost gold and he's trying to prevent her from finding out about this magic waterfall and gorge on his land. It's a bit convoluted, but makes the plot move forward with the usual bad guys chasing after them and trying to kill them for the gold.

Not a bad book, but not as good as the first either, which had more emotion in it. This book also left up in the air the whole relationship with her mother and Morgan's cousin, Callum. We find out her 43 year old mother (who had Sadie when she was 16 conceived in the back of a Mercedes - hence Sadie's name - Mercedes) is pregnant! Maybe that will be another book!


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